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City Média – Memory Coin – Pendant Machine

In recent years, we have added color to the offer by placing our new Pendant Vending Machines, which will dispense a pre-made gold coin of approximately two hundred forints instead of the previous traditional coin press.


Based on our own design, we manufacture coin dispensers ourselves specifically for the specific location.


Coin vending machines, whether mechanical or solar, are installed and set up on site.


Depending on the traffic, the machines must be emptied and periodic maintenance work must be provided for continuous operation.

Machine types

Coin vending machine

mechanical structure, in which case the tourist inserts 100 and 200 ft ost, as well as a 5 forint and selects one of 4 possible motifs and then pushes the money. The 5 forints are put into a press, which the visitor spreads the money on the motif of his choice with the help of a turning lever.

  • Types of plexiglass and wood
  • Mechanical
  • does not require electricity
  • 4 possible motives
  • floor area 60x40cm
Medál automata

Pendant automatic

the device accepts paper and metal money as well as credit cards After tossing that amount, a pre-made coin is dispensed by the machine

Floor area: 50x40cm


Vending machine

Types: G1 and G2

The device contains small souvenirs, which the visitor unwraps from the vending machine by throwing 100-200 ft.

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